Familienrecht Family law

If one person brings a house into a marriage - does it then belong to both spouses? How can assets be divided during a divorce without a fight? What is the procedure during an adoption? Who can purchase a property apartment? Can a common-law spouse join a rental agreement? In matters of family law the issue of legal safety and discretion is particularly important. In such cases the notary public has two roles: he/she has a lot of experience in family law and thus can be a valuable advisor for important decisions. In some of these matters he/she is explicitly authorized by the state to create clear circumstances through recording or certifying - for example for declarations of paternity or the consent declaration for medically supported procreation.

Marriage and common-law marriage: your notary provides a durable basis

Life is full of surprises. There are no guarantees when it comes to the co-habitation of people. But if the legal basis has been sorted out from the beginning, then there is less fighting - and if push comes to shove, there will be more just solutions to the problems. Your notary assists you in finding this basis.
Dissolution of marriage: your notary knows how to avoid a fight

Your notary knows what life can be like. If marriages fall apart, then there is more to take care of than for the wedding. The more is fought over in court, the more expensive the divorce gets. Your notary assists you with shortening the expensive court proceedings:
Adoption: your notary knows how to assist you

Your notary will be by your side as a competent legal advisor in such cases, too, and he/she will assist you to ensure that you will easily get through the adoption process. The core of each adoption is the written adoption contract between the adoptive parents and the adoptive child. The notary is your knowledgeable legal advisor from setting up this contract to obtaining the approval by the courts.