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Your notary is a specialist for your house, property and apartment

Is the seller really the owner of the property? Who is supervising the complete and timely payment of the purchase price? Who is notifying the tax office and when? Is there another mortgage on the property? Who? What? When? If the issue is property, homes or apartments, then one cannot be careful enough. Even if one has the utmost confidence in the contract partner, then legal provisions could still often cause bad surprises.

When the issue was real estate, people have come to the notary for generations. Your notary is offering you competent assistance, consultation and public services in many details, such as
Your notary knows how to deal with authorities.

The property registry creates a clear picture: Everybody knows what belongs to whom. But how to get into the property registry - that's often a different story. There are precise formal requirements to be met, signatures have to be real beyond a reasonable doubt and the free will of all parties concerned has to be confirmed.

Your notary knows all legal provisions and helps you clear all the hurdles by getting you access to view the property registry, by making sure that all legal requirements are being met and by confirming the signatures of all parties to the contract. This is the way it is prescribed by law - and it serves your protection.

The notary also causes your property rights to be entered or deleted in the property registry. He/She will also take care of a clean title being delivered - i.e. the deletion of old liens, which were recorded for the property - to the property registry.

Often one signature alone will not suffice. Banks, chambers, neighbors, communities, guardianship courts, building departments, tax offices, co-owners and creditors often also want to have their say. Your notary assists you in keeping an overview. He/She makes sure that nothing has been overlooked - and that nobody is taken advantage of.

Immobilien, Treuhandschaft Things you will only find at your notary:

Setting up trusts [escrow accounts] are among the daily tasks of each notary. Mostly it is a question of keeping the purchase price on account and to pay out only after certain conditions have been met. This will ensure that both sides will fulfill their obligations.

Notaries are not the only ones to maintain trusts [escrow accounts]. But notaries are offering an ideal safety package for monies held in trust.

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Ask your notary about the advantages of a notary trust!