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VAT.ATU 34741900

Salzburg Chamber of Notaries

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The supervision of the business conduct by the notaries public is carried out by the Chamber of Notaries, the presiding judges of the lower courts and courts of appeal and the Federal Minister of Justice. However, the supervisory entities are not entitled to give instructions to a notary regarding the way to conduct individual business.

The professional legal provisions for the notary offices are contained in the notary regulation dated July 25, 1871 in its current version dated June 1, 1999 (Federal Law Publication I 1999/72). The legal provisions regarding the required notary acts of some legal transactions can be found by-and-large in the Notary Act Law dated July 25, 1871, Federal Law Publication I 1999/191. Both laws can be downloaded in their current version free of charge from the legal information system [German acronym: RIS] of the Office of the Federal Chancellor under http://ris.bka.gv.at.

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