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Your notary is a specialist in company law

Regardless whether you
Your advantage: the notary public is a guarantor for legal safety. He/she will always search for tailor-made solutions, which are durable, which will not disadvantage a partner, and which are error-free both regarding contents and in format. This way disputes with high subsequent costs are avoided from the very beginning.

Among the special areas of expertise of the notary are the following areas of law:
Your notary is a competent advisor for many detailed problems. Among them are the ideal legal form (from a sole trader to companies organized by civil law, to capital companies (LLP, LLC) to joint ventures to limited companies and corporations), but also the choice of a company name, which is also subject to legal provisions.

During the design of the relationship between entrepreneur and company the specialist knowledge and the experience of the notary are an invaluable asset. This is covering questions like:
Your notary is the direct link to the company registry

Your notary has direct access to the electronic company registry. He/She is therefore always up-to-date. You can obtain from him/her all important legal data about all companies registered in Austria. Furthermore, your notary provides official excerpts of the company registry and he/she is authorized to confirm your signature authorization. Of course, he/she can answer all your questions regarding the company registry.

Your notary is part of your team

As a legal advisor your notary is a confidential and reliable partner - also along legal "sidelines", such as
Where it is legally possible, the notary will provide self-assessment of taxes and fees for you and will thus accelerate the processing.